Abandoned fortified ruins.

Abandoned fortified ruins.Abandoned fortified ruins.

Trees – Dima wa’Tayeen.

Trees - Dima wa'TayeenMorning view of Trees – Dima wa’Tayeen.

Perfect place for camp site.

Camp site - Wadi TayeenJust the place for an end of day camp site – a couple of Guinness, dried fruit with cheese & biscuits: Watch the sun say goodbye, perfect.

Wadi Tayeen – Devil’s Gap B&W.

Wadi Tayeen No3On the road to Devil’s Gap – having crossed two water obstacles that stretched across my path and unknown to me at this time, three more. It became safer giving up the comfort of my Landrover and getting wet feet !
With terrain response engaged, the LR2 happily takes most things in its stride BUT……. there is a point when caution is the better part of valour  :)



Wadi Tayeen Waterfall.

Wadi Tayeen No2Wadi Tayeen.

Spot the waterfall…….. I only noticed it when going through the files and had them at 100% – not very observant of me, although I would probably never have been able to reach it.

Another from Wadi Tayeen.

Wadi TayeenWadi Tayeen.

Wadi Tayeen – Stream.

Stream - Wadi Tayeen B&WStream – Wadi Tayeen.


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