Allegri’s Miserere performed by the Tallis Scholars.

The Tallis Scholars under the direction of Peter Phillips.
Wonderful stuff !



Wadi Rocks.

Wadi rocks.Wadi rocks.

Nikon F2Sb with Tokina 35-70 f2.8 Ais AT-x lens. made on T-max 100 film.

Leaf against palm No2.

Leaf against palm No2Bronica S2a. Nikon Nikkor ‘O’ f2.8 50mm lens. Ilford HP5 plus @ 320 iso.

A sad situation.

The mountains look on Marathon
And Marathon looks on the sea;
And musing there an hour alone,
I dream’d that Greece might still be free…..

 From ‘The Isles of Greece’  by Lord Byron.

Leaf against palm trunk.

Leaf against palm trunkLeaf against palm trunk.
Bronica S2a. Nikon Nikkor ‘O’ f2.8 50mm lens. Ilford HP5 plus @ 320 iso.

Stepping stones.

Rocks & waterStepping stones.

Catching up with my backlog: I forgot that I had taken this when I was out & about early in the year – there is a colour version taken in February.
Where does the time go ?

This one made with Bronica S2a: Nikon Nikkor O – 50mm F2.8 lens

Editing & scanning.

Doing something useful – editing & scanning.

A quick image of my work area when sorting film – catching up with a backlog before I escape in the next month for some downtime.

Fuji X-pro1 @ 5000 iso f5.6 (daylight) from camera to laptop without any editing other than crop.

Playing with a borrowed Eyefi card

Just because I could, not something I plan to do – just wanted to see if it would work  :)


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