A Flower.

A flower No6Nikon D200 with Micro-NIKKOR Ai-s 55mm f/2.8.

Wadi Pool.

Wadi pool-2Wadi Pool.

Bronica S2a with Nikkor-O 50mm f2.8 medium format lens.

Salut – Shrine.

Shrine - SalutThe Greek looking shrine – Salut.

New site address………

If you can’t beat them – change !!

I have a new site address and mapped my old address so we are back  :)

Thanks for all the kind words.

I don’t think I can blame Oman – it seems to be the routing on land-line internet ISp’s

I am now:


Ho & for those who were foxed by my earlier cryptic post:

It was written in ‘Z’ code that was & in an abbreviated form, still used by the military for short quick messages   :)

Cable & Wireless developed it for rapid transmissions via Morse key or telegraphy.

ZNO  –  Not On the air.

ZTI    –  Transmission temporarily interrupted.


Still ZNO ZTI…………..

WordPress blocked in Oman.

WordPress sites are being blocked in Oman so no posting TFN.

P.s: update as of 22/03/15 it seems that some WiFi sites will allow WordPress hence me writing this additional info: no idea what is the reasoning for it.

Pp.s: 23/03/15 It seems that if I use Ooredoo (Nawras) WiFi, I can open wordpress sites. If I only look at sites that have a private domain name (dropping wordpress from the address)  all is happiness & light.

Ho well, knowing Omantel, it will all get sorted in the fullness of time……..


Dry Stone walls – Salut.

Wall & steps SalutIron Age Dry Stone walls – Salut


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