Steps & Post.

Steps & postSteps & Post.

Steps & Box.

Steps & BoxSteps & Box.

Desert oasis – Diffused.

Desert oasis_Desert oasis – Diffused.

Forgotten bowl in abandoned building.

Forgotten bowl in abandoned buildingForgotten bowl.

Tomb of the Umm an-Nar period at Shir Jaylah in the eastern Hajjar .

Tomb - Neolithic R.MdTomb of the Umm an-Nar period at Shir Jaylah in the eastern Hajjar.
If I recall, this was made with a Yashica 124G 6×6 on Velvia 100.

Taken back in early 2000 & a B&W version was the first post on this blog  May 2010 ! where has the time gone ??

Wall inlay décor.

Wall inlay decorWall inlay décor.
This panel is made from a number of individual tiles with an incredible consistency of both pattern & colour.

Wadi Al Arbaeen.

Continuing my search through old files – this one from Wadi Arbaeen, Wadi Al Arbeieen, Wadi Arbeen or any other transliteration you might come across      :)
Wild grass & water R.MdBronica S2a with Nikkor-P 75mm f2.8 & Fuji 100rvp.

This Wadi has been hit by several bad storms in recent years, but is still a good area for camping and walking (trekking) there is always an abundance of water in the upper reaches.

Image was last posted some time in 2013 but made a couple of years before that – when I was able to get plenty of 6×6 colour film and more importantly, chemicals !!!


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