5 thoughts on “Leaf against palm No2

  1. I was immediately taken with this image. Such lovely tones and textures. I can see that you have given it a gentle vignette, but wondered about the time of day as the shadows are soft. This photo is, for me, what photography is about. Documenting the easily overlooked with artistry. Thanks.

    1. Many thanks,
      I was up and sitting in my garden with a coffee and noticed the little flower about 06:30 so shaded.
      It prints very well on Multigrade IV FB Fiber, with a slight dip in ferry and toned with Kodak sepia.
      As you say, it’s the simple & overlooked that sometimes make the best image – especially when I can print in the darkroom 😉

        1. I sympathise, although it’s a lot harder here in Oman these days – nothing available. I emptied the Kodak store of goodies when it stopped selling traditional materials, so have stuff in fridge & freezer.
          But chemicals I now mix from raw.

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