Archive Desert.

Selection of Desert images taken over the last couple of years.

8 Comments on “Archive Desert.

    • Thank you & yes maybe a task for when I am back in the UK late next year (I should try for a RPS distinction – can always wish…..) keep me out of mischief during my retirement.

      • Certainly something to go for, and you have plenty of top notch material…….I guess though that you might miss the desert?

        • Thank you.
          Yes the freedom of being able to go just about anywhere and not worry about safety not to mention anyone saying you can’t camp there !
          Ho well – all good things must come to an end someday & it will be nice not having all the travelling and being away from home for long periods.
          There is always deepest darkest Wales & even Scotland (if they don’t think I am another ‘Edward Longshanks’ ) 😎


    • Thanks – I must admit I like being in the desert, a camp-fire and almost total silence – bliss: mind you a good Malt helps 🙂


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