Thank you.

I am on holiday at a place near Castle Howard in North Yorkshire and the internet it very bad.
I have tried to answer all the comments from the last few days but: I only have a small Samsung phone so any errors in spelling or things that do not make sense are my fat fingers on very small letters (that is my excuse anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
So thank you all very much for visits, comments & likes in 2016.
Have a grreat 2017.

Off line.

In UK at the moment & only a very bad internet connection.
Will answer comments when back on line.
Happy New Year everyone.

Grass & Palms.

grass-palmsGrass & Palms.


falajFalaj & palms.

Into the past.

Into the past.Into the past.

Adventure but not stupidity !

I dont think I should cross this.Adventure but not stupidity !
The hole was rather deep & the ledge looks precarious.

Another adventure beckons.

Gateway.Another adventure beckons.