Garden flower – Nikkor QC Auto f2.8 – 135mm.

 Garden flower – Nikkor QC Auto f2.8 – 135mm Garden flower – Nikkor QC Auto f2.8 – 135mm non Ai lens.

St George’s Day.

St George’s Day (England) & the death of William Shakespeare.
This precious stone set in a silver sea
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England…..

John of Gaunt’s death-bed speech – Richard II (William Shakespeare)

Simeon ten Holt.

If you like minimalist music then listen to this by Simeon ten Holt. who was a Dutch contemporary classical composer.
You need 1 hour 11 mins & 47 sec. I suggest  a good bottle of wine and a quiet time without distraction: enjoy !

Garden gate – Nikkor QC Auto f2.8 – 135mm.

Garden gate - Nikkor QC Auto f2.8 - 135mm.Garden gate.

Nikkor QC Auto f2.8 – 135mm Non Ai lens: made from 1973 to Mar 1975.
As my lens has a Sno: 402987 it’s probably about 43 years old !


ErosionRillenkarren – Erosion of rock during Oman’s wetter phase.

The technical description from my geology book says:

Rillenkarren.- Are forms of dissolution on the surface of the rocks that consist of small channels separated by sharp crests configuring a network of tight more or less parallel gullies next to each other. Its Genesis is linked to the dissolution of the rock by the sheet of water that forms on it as a local run-off.


Plant on rock – Dhofar.

Plant on rock.Plant on rock.

Fuji  Xpro 1:  Velvia setting.

Wood with rope.

Wood with rope.Wood with rope.