The Jebel this morning.

the-jebelA quick stop on my way to Birkat Al-Mawz (Birkat Al Mouz) this morning.
I’m afraid there are going to be more posts about ruined villages in the next few days: I spent this morning going around the three abandoned areas of Birkat Al Mouz.


These abandoned villages were important stopping places on the camel route between Muscat and Al Buraimi. A camel In caravan can make about 20 miles a day and Al Buraimi was at least 350 miles by dirt track from Muscat; a long trip of many days, needing plenty of rest stops en-route.
The village (now town) of Al Buraimi was an important juncture between Oman proper & the Persian Gulf  ‘Arabian Gulf for some – depending on which map you look at and its age.

Sunset – toned (Jebel Shams).

sunset-brown-tone-2016A stormy night approaching – Jebel Shams looking toward Misht.

Pomegranate: nearly ready !

pomegranatesPomegranate – although I get in a mess eating these: never have been able to do it with finesse 🙂 love them.
They are so much better straight off the tree.


datesDates – Yummy !

Deteriorating alcove – Zikki.

Deteriorating alcove.Deteriorating alcove: Zikki.

Rusting & abandoned.

rusting-abandonedDuring my visits to these abandoned villages, I am always intrigued by the amount of doors I find locked.
There can be nothing left of the building but the door, & it’s locked!
Almost as if the rooms are silently waiting the return of the occupants.

Door detail No2 Zikki.


door-detail-no2-zikkiIt must have been a very colourful place !  Signs of blue, green, red & yellow paint everywhere.