Al-Baleed Archaeological Park – Salalah.

Middle Age settlement al-Baleed.Al-Baleed or Al Balid is the remains of an ancient Middle Age settlement which has been excavated (on going) & turned into a very successful Archaeological Park.

Dhofar No3.

Flamingos.Flamingos and the wrong lens (never the right lens when it is wanted !) ho well, it was nice seeing them.

It was a great week with lots of archaeological sites visited: Triliths which are unusual rows of stones from the Iron Age, within the period 400 BCE. – 300 CE. Rock Art from about the second millennium BCE.
Three trading centres of both frankincense and horses from around 1st century CE, and back to the 2nd century BCE.

Dhofar No2.

Dhofar.Dhofar No2.

Dhofar – just a taster.

Dhofar 2017.Just a taster of Dhofar: a long (10 hours) drive back to Muscat yesterday with temperatures in the desert leg reaching 35C !

Exploring Dhofar.

Away for a week of exploration: Dhofar & the surrounding area.
It’s a road trip from Muscat of about 1000.kts, so an early start tomorrow with an overnight camp at Ubar  archaeological site, then onward for Salalah.
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Hopefully lots of photography  🙂


Black & white toned prints.

Making prints from images taken earlier at Ziki – converted to B&W, toned & diffused:  printed on Canon Platinum Pro Matte paper.

Another from Manah.

Derelict Manah.Another derelict – Manah.

Nikon F2sb, Nikkor Ai 25-50 f4 zoom lens, fuji Neopan 400 @ 320 Iso in Microdol-x 1+3.