26 thoughts on “Portfolio of Selected images in B&W.

    1. Many thanks – one of the reasons I much prefer working in B&W, it lets me play with light and texture more easily than colour.
      The same with work in the darkroom – an infinite number of variations that I can never achieve in colour.

  1. David, an excellent and impressive portfolio,I enjoyed every one of the photos… The Arabic architectural shapes are magical. Thank you.


  2. Thisis wonderful. So nice to see all these together in one place. They are so complementary – your vision really shines through in a group like this.

    1. I did do a bit of thinking before I put these together (rare as I usually just go by intuition) so very pleased you liked it.
      My slide shows were in desperate need of updating, so with the little extra knowledge I have about screen presentation. Then sitting down to actually do it!! got there in the end.
      Landscapes next.


    1. This is very kind of you – I needed to start sorting out the stuff I wanted for a new portfolio so……
      I am putting together both a Tiff digital along with ink-jet and ‘real’ 🙂 silver gelatin FB paper selection.
      I also found that if I put the whole lot in to Lightroom and say export jpeg, it changes all the tiffs and even puts the copyright as an image and metadata without me doing much at all. Well I say that but; my attention span for digital stuff is rather short, so it has only taken me over a year to find out how to do it.
      See what happens when one buys a D800, I have to start learning things ! anew.


      1. I don’t usually put a copyright on many images, but I might look into it if it is that easy.
        “Taken over a year” you do have a sense of humor… and you just answered my question on that last post regarding that digital camera.
        I am finding the D800e to be a challenging and interesting piece of equipment. Mine seems to “like” higher shutterspeeds best. I also tried a wedding group shot the other night at ISO3200 holding my sb900 arm-length high and was pleasantly surprised at the good, noiseless quality. This upsets my normal way of dealing with light. I never really changed much from when I used film. My, now seemingly old, D2xs is just like the F5 as a picture maker and I used it the same….change might be good and the D800 will probably force us both into a brave new world…..

        1. The humour gets me into trouble sometimes………..
          I have the same approach when using ‘photoshop’ do all the adjustments as if it’s a ‘dark-room’ print – the advantage is that I can take this info and apply it when working on conventional printing (using the computer as a printing aid – saving paper and chemicals) How many times have you thought whether a print would look good toned or darker, high-key, etc. I can do all that with ease now.
          As for the D800, it’s a little like my F4 but with bells on, just need to decide which bells to use. Do not want to go and mess up a shot and think, I’ve just walked 5 miles to get here and can’t figure out how to make the image………… Working on it though !


        2. “F4 with bells on”….hmm..lots of bells. I look forward to reading your thoughts as the D800 becomes more and more part of your image making.

  3. Ah David, smoking!. Now that’s more like it ….. You have a wonderful portfolio and you are finally allowing us see it in all it’s glory. Sun and Shadows is a particular favourite of mine. Superb. A good place to go for Lightroom tuition is Julieanne Kost’s blog. All the tutorials are in video format and she explains things really well.

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