Dhofar coast & Dame Freya Stark.

From my Oman files.
Dhofar coast: the type of coastline Freya Stark would have seen and described in the book I am now reading, also the one from my previous post – see below..

From the big encyclopædia in the sky:

Dame Freya Madeline Stark. DBE.
In 1934, Stark sailed down the Red Sea to Aden and began a new adventure. She hoped to trace the frankincense route of the Hadhramaut, the hinterland of southern Arabia. Only a handful of Western explorers had ventured into the region but never as far or as widely as she. Her goal was to reach the ancient city of Shabwa, which was rumoured to have been the capital of the Queen of Sheba.

Click cover for Amazon link and note how rare and expensive most of her hardback books have become. Ex-library or well used books can be got at reasonable cost: many of her First addition, Mint & Fine used copies are not easily found.

4 thoughts on “Dhofar coast & Dame Freya Stark.

  1. Mrs E. is a great fan of Ms. Stark’s books. Seems she was a bit of a sh!t-stirrer and not above using people to get her own way. Probably the only way for a lone female to get ahead in the 30’s! Extraordinary character by all accounts.

    1. I think contacts and who could smooth the way probably ruffled a few feelings. Like Gertrude Bell, it was almost certainly the only way either of these women would have been able to go where they did. If you want a real ‘sh!t-stirrer’ that accolade must go to Richard Burton, another explorer who travelled the Arabian Peninsula.

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