Mineral deposits – Dhofar.

Mineral deposits from a deep cleft in the rock: found while looking for Rock Art.

Trilith image No3.

Here is a colour image of a Trilith group – unfortunately, taken in very harsh sunlight.

Mirbat near Salalah.

Mirbat near Salalah – Dhofar.

Dhofar No3.

Flamingos and the wrong lens (never the right lens when it is wanted !) ho well, it was nice seeing them. It was a great week with lots of archaeological sites visited: Triliths which are unusual rows of stones from the Iron Age, within the period 400 BCE. – 300 CE. Rock Art from about the second millennium BCE. Three trading centres of both…

Dhofar No2.

Dhofar No2.

Dhofar – just a taster.

Just a taster of Dhofar: a long (10 hours) drive back to Muscat yesterday with temperatures in the desert leg reaching 35C !

Abandoned farm.

Abandoned farm.

My Nikon 35Ti camera.

Nikon 35Ti Quartz Date compact camera, introduced in 1993. giving the ultimate in analogue technology (almost) more of this later The titanium metal casing covers the motors and camera’s microelectronics, the top incorporates a unique, analogue display system. It shows all the important camera settings and the scales give a quick and easy guide during use. The Command Input Control dial, full 3D matrix…

Once blue door – Ibri.

A once bright blue door in the abandoned village of Ibri. (It looks like the walls had been painted at one time)

Two locks – abandoned village of Ibri.

I slipped up on the depth of field with this one – concentrated on getting the ‘EGRET’ in focus, missed the bottom edge of the lock. Hay ho, such are the tribulations of photography  😉

Interior decoration – abandoned village Ibri.

Interior decoration of rooms in abandoned village of Ibri – a rather more important village on the camel route between  Muscat and Al Buraimi. A lot of things were traded in Ibri – not all exactly above-board in the old days. In the 1800’s, conflicting descriptions were made by visitors: from it being called a place of vagabonds, scallywags & thieves to the exact…

Bush & rock using Nikkor 43-86 zoom.

There are positive ways of using the inadequacies of the Nikkor 43-86 zoom lens. Nikon D200 & Nikkor 43-86 f3.5 Ai zoom lens with diffusion filter.

Sand formations around rock.

Sand & Rock. Back after a month in UK – cold, wet, windy, frost and a little snow: in other words a typical December. I see the ‘Reader’ is still cropping images, will struggle through the backlog of what looks like some very interesting posts by everyone I follow, lots of catching up over the next few days.

Adventure but not stupidity !

Adventure but not stupidity ! The hole was rather deep & the ledge looks precarious.

Ruins – Birkat Al Mouz.

Enough of the sarcasm about the new WordPress reader: back to what passes as normal on this blog. Ruins hidden behind some of the modern houses in the main thoroughfare of Birkat Al Mouz. Ruins that most people miss when they visit this town: there was not two as I have seen mentioned, but three occupied areas until modernity arrived. In his book “Across…

Implementing new compositional ideas.

Great isn’t it, one gets a real sense of what the image is about 😉 I have spent all morning cutting cardboard oblongs for my lenses; painted mat-black, they look quite good. Old scraps of mount board cut and painted, then using old step up/down rings work really well. WordPress is not the only one that can distort my images.  

Entrance with steps – Birkat Al Mouz.

Entrance with steps – Birkat Al Mouz.