8 thoughts on “Stone with sand swirls.

    1. Thanks Josh, I spent a lot of time solo camping in the desert. The silence and at night, stars that were so bright and numerous that I could spend hours looking at them.
      Ps. nice to see you back, hope all is well.

      1. We are doing well in my state, thanks, David. No COVID cases left, so we don’t have to wear masks (unliess we want to).
        But further north…….the floods are devastating for almost the whole eastern seaboard of Australia. All the dams are full to overflowing for the first time in many years. The news varies, but one source said that the heavy rain was the worst in 100 years.

        1. Pleased to hear you are doing ok.
          Yes, overflowing dams are dangerous things, especially if one breaks down. That’s what nearly took me out during cyclone Gonu.

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