JJC ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter (clone of Nikon ES-2).

  1. This is a digitised Ilford HP5 Plus negative.

I have been doing tests with a newly acquired JJC ES-2 clone of the Nikon ES-2 film digitiser.

JJC ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter with 6500K USB LED Light Set, 35mm Negative Film Copying Scanner for Canon Sony Nikon Macro Lens, Convert Negatives to Digital JPEG

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It works very well and comes with a LED light attachment which the Nikon version does not have.

The setup I used was:

Nikon D800, PK11(a), PK13, Nikkor 55mm F2.8 AIs micro and the slide/film copier.
It is a lot cheaper than the Nikon equivalent (seems made of engineering plastic like the Nikon one)  and includes the LED light attachment along with 5 lens adapters.

Finding the Mother Tree.

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From Wiki:
Simard asserts that healthy forests centre on a matriarch tree that acts as a nexus of nutrient distribution that shares these nutrients among other trees of the same or different ages and species that are chemically and physically linked together by an expansive mycorrhizal network. Simard faced ridicule during her younger years; however her research became “critical to addressing problems in the timber industry” that led to reforms in sustainable forestry.

Steps No1.

More alternative visualisations/previously un-scanned negatives or processed files from Oman, starting with this one, made in 2010.

Being stopped from travel and almost locked away for more than a year, I’ve not had much enthusiasm or even opportunity for photography. So going through my negatives/slides and digital files has kept me from going ‘Doolally’, for those not familiar with this word: it means ‘lose one’s mind’, derived from the boredom felt at a British Army transit camp in Maharashtra India, established in 1861.