Castle Howard lake view.

From my files – A view over the Great Lake (Castle Howard North Yorkshire) the lake being built by the 5th Earl in the 1790s

Spent some time here over Xmas & New Year, ignoring all the dire prognostications that seem to emanate from everywhere.

6 thoughts on “Castle Howard lake view.

  1. Hi David
    Love the tones and dramatic sky in this shot. A place I live near to yet have never visited…..New year’s resolution!
    Bye the bye, just received a WhatsApp from Hammood Saif showing a photo of snow on Jebel Shams. I saw snow only once, no doubt you experienced it more even though it was quite rare. Take care.

    1. Hello David !!
      Nice hearing from you after all this time.
      Yes I remember snow on Shams, we even got a message from the Sultan asking for photographs once.
      Castle Howard is well worth a visit, an all day event as the grounds are lovely for walking after going around the house.

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