On holiday for a month – if I close my eyes then maybe I can be beamed – up ! holidays are lovely it’s the two flights between that spoil it. These days long haul flights and the airports that go with them are designed to be a terrible experience.

Fortunately I do not need to go anywhere near Heathrow – now that would be punishment…….

I am sure I will have lots of posts to read when I get back, thank you for all the ‘likes & comments’ over the last six months.


11 thoughts on “Holiday.

  1. So glad to hear you will have a camera with you! Have a great holiday, and I look forward to your return and more great shots from Oman.

    1. Correct…. two months of the year when I try and get away from technology, news (especially the news) no computer, cell phone only goes on when I need it. Camera, well…… one of them always gets found in my case, I am sure they take it in turns to sneak in when I am not looking. 🙂


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