Dead printer.

I have been using a Canon Pixma Pro9000 mk1 printer for a few years now: it has died…. Dead, given up the ghost – not a happy bunny !!!!

This printer has given sterling service & contrary to popular opinion, could produce some very nice B&W prints; provided a careful choice of paper was made and it was correctly profiled.

It would seem from the fault code indications that the print head has quit: every time I try doing a cleaning function it flashes ‘printer says no’. Gone through all the suggestions found on the trusty internet, no luck.
This printer looks like new and has always been kept covered when not in use; never had any problems, until now. I should have known, as the Canon agent tempted fate when I was buying new ink “gosh that’s an old printer, why not buy a new one” hummm.
What is it with electronic items these days, it’s a constant battle against new operating systems, drivers, spares & a barrage of being told new is better. Try telling that to my Nikon F or F2SB, new is not always better – just different & usually far more complicated when faced with scrolling through menus just because a function needs changing.
Things just never last: Don’t get me started on saving the planet  “ You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”

Gosh I am having a rant: probably because I have seen the price of a new print head; that is if a supplier has stock ! Two thirds of what the whole printer cost me. Ho well, there is always the Darkroom  🙂

I am on my way back home in a few days so will search and see what Canon UK says.