Some of the cameras I use.

A little bit of information about some of the cameras I use:

Nikon F2 SB.

The Nikon F2SB was introduced in 1976 to 1977; The F2 range was Nippon Kogaku’s second professional SLR, aimed to replace the highly successful Nikon F.

Nikon F4.

The Nikon F4 (1988 to probably 2000) was the first professional Nikon to offer autofocus and is able to accept any of Nikon’s manual focus or AF lenses from 1959 to the present day. It is probably the best manual focus camera ever to be released as it will meter with just about any lens that Nikon has ever made.

Bronica S2a.

The Bronica S2a introduced in 1969 was one of a number of medium format cameras that used both Nikon and Bronica lenses.

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