The advantage of my own darkroom.

Another from Shams – I love that place….

I spent several years working on Jebel Shams and had a great time; it is one of the most spectacularly scenic places in Oman, especially on the very top!….

The same image on Kodak Panalure paper – sadly no more!

Kodak Panalure was an example of a panchromatic black-and-white paper which was discontinued in 2005; it gave the advantage of being able to print colour materials in nearly ‘true’ black and white. The problem with using conventional B&W paper or converting digital colour images into B&W is that the tonal range gets changed; it is very hard to reproduce what would be obtained from true B&W film. A little like Mp3 files verses true analogue vinyl recordings. (Sorry that is another subject altogether)

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