Why I use film and chemicals.

Traditional Black & White photography here in Oman using film, chemicals and silver gelatin papers does not get the following that I think it should.

The problem being not the lack of photographers, there are some very good ones; but of equipment and supplies, as most outlets just stock ‘digital’ materials with the comment that “there is not the demand”.

If it is not stocked there will not be the demand…!

I bring most of my paper and raw powder chemicals back from visits to the UK; postage charges getting them delivered is outrageous.

As for darkroom equipment – well all I can say is that I am thankful that I have all I need. It was collected over the early years when photography did not involve electronic equipment that at the very least requires a computer, monitor and printer.

Cameras; who thought of doing away with the viewfinder on some of them…. and if you have tried looking at the screen on a mobile phone in sunlight, well need I say more.

Scanners are about my limit, I have a Canon 9950F for 6×6 and larger, along with a Plustek 7600i for 35mm, which was a lovely gift from my wife at the beginning of the year.

Photography has now joined with consumer electronics ‘there is always a better model coming in the next six months’. Try selling a Nikon D3 for a good price twelve months after it was bought.

End of rant……

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