Equipment and paper long gone.

A little information about the image below:- ‘as the sun goes down’ taken on Jebel Harim.

I used my Nikon F4 and a very good Tokin AT-X 35 to 70 – F2.8 manual focus zoom lens; extremely sharp and very well made. The lens is constructed to a very high quality which was typical of this type of lens. None of the plastic parts and ‘f’ stop ring being left off that one finds these days.

I am afraid that scanning and a monitor screen has not produced the effect that I was trying to get when I made this photograph, but hay ho….

Due to the abundance of small stones and rather harsh evening sun; the whole area took on what I can only describe as almost ‘Pointillism’ and that is what I tried to capture.

Ilford FP4 @ my preferred ISO of 100 , developed in Kodak Microdol-X at 1+3, printed on a now sadly gone Ilford Matt RC paper using Dektol 1+2.

This was and is the only paper that I have managed to use that gave me the visualisation that I required.

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