Nikon F2 SB.

The F2 was the second of a long line of Nikon F ‘professional’ 35 mm SLRs that began with the Nikon F (famous because of the many iconic images taken during the Vietnam war) and may have ended with the F6.

The Nikon F2 is an all-metal, mechanically controlled, manual focus SLR with manual exposure control; it was completely usable without batteries, as they were used for the meter only (2 SR76 silver button cells).

The F2’s interchangeable viewfinders also known as “heads” marked it out as a truly professional level SLR.

By providing updated heads every few years, Nippon Kogaku was able to introduce new versions of the F2 with the latest technology, but keep the same body in production until the end of 1980.

The F2 SB Photomic with the DP-3 head became available between 1976 and 1977. The DP-3 introduced three new innovations: a silicon photodiode light meter for faster and more accurate light readings, a five stage ‘centre-the-LED’ exposure control system using 3 LEDs (+/o/−) and an eyepiece blind.

The Nikon F2 was probably one of the best cameras ever produced and is still available today through the used market. A word of warning! This camera will give years of service but it is getting on in life and some ‘TLC’ will not go amiss for it to give of its best.

I was very pleased with what Sover Wong has done for mine and anyone contemplating a service would probably do no better than contact him and see what he has to offer. See link ‘F2 repair’.

F2 Repair.

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