Nikon F3.

The Nikon F3 that I have been using for a few months now has been great fun and a pleasure to use.

Here I am talking about a camera that was manufactured about 1981, as if it has only just come onto the market. That is the way it is with well made and functional cameras like the Nikon ‘F’ series. MIR on the F3

I was offered this camera by a friend a couple of years back – but as I was using an F2SB & F4, I hesitated or as my wife says (Dithered) but when I did say yes, he had lost or misplaced it. In the end it was found, so this time I bought it without hesitation and after a little TLC, it is proving to be as good as has been claimed by many users over the years.

I like the 80/20 centre weighted metering which along with the ‘sunny 16 rule’ has proved to be very accurate – I don’t miss the ’Matrix metering’ of the F4, probably because I have been using my Weston meter a lot recently.

So I will add my name to the long list of people who have recomended it and at the prices offered on the used market, you cannot go wrong.

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