What to do when the weather is bad!

Summer and its hot, so what to do when the humidity and temperature become unbearable – stay in doors. That though, is an anathema……  as days away from work should be spent out of doors when at all possible (comes of spending far more time in an office than I really care for)

So I set about some TLC on my photographic equipment, cleaning, checking battery contacts, blowing out the film chambers / backs then selecting every single switch and button that I could find on all the cameras, at least two or three times. That includes all shutter speeds: it helps clean the contacts of any oxidisation that may have built up through lack of use or in some cases no use at all, as in the AF switch on my F4 for instance.

Clean the bags and in the case of my Billingham bags, leather wax on all the straps and fittings. I have two of their bags and the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ has held true, they are as good as the day I got them: just look a little lived in….

I have a UNILOC tripod that has water proof legs due to the design: great in sand as well. But it is an item that can get forgotten in the cleaning regime. So a little! WD40 after wiping with a damp cloth has kept it in excellent condition for 18 or more years. These tripods are very hard to find now and the ones of a similar design do not have the same quality of finish, so I must make it last as long as I can.

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