My Bronica S2a 6×6 camera.

The Bronica S2a 6×6 camera was made from about 1969 to 72. It was the successor of the S2. Having been given an improved film advance gear mechanism, resulting in fewer jams, usually the result of over enthusiastic film advancement.

This range of Bronica cameras had somewhat of a reputation for not being very sharp – even with the excellent Nikkor lens range that was provided.

It has been found that a number of things contributed to this problem:

The ground glass screen can be out of alignment and not allow sharp focus at the Infinity mark. Also to make matters worse, the foam under the screen deteriorates with age exacerbating the problem.

Film back inserts that would not seat properly.

Film roller problems with earlier backs which would allow the film to bow slightly. Later corrected by Bronica.

This all makes it sound unworthwhile bothering with these cameras which is far from the case: all it needs is a little care and attention. See this link for further information and corrective action. Link here. see below (as of 2014)

They have an excellent selection of Nikkor lenses, a large range of accessories and with the above problems sorted out, are capable of producing some fine images.

Further links of interest:  Lot of very good images about these cameras (French, but if you do not have : still worth a visit)    This link is down as of 2014 I use the one below:

2 thoughts on “My Bronica S2a 6×6 camera.

  1. Thanks for the comment – this camera was a gift from my daughter and has proved to be a great ‘work horse’ and good fun bringing it up to the level of a Hasselblad. Now that should make a few raised eyebrows – but it is true….
    The Nikkor lenses are very good; it just takes a bit of time looking for the right item.
    I am sure that most people sell them in almost ‘as new condition’ because of the problems I mentioned, without knowing they have the makings of a great picture taking camera that is just in need of a bit of help.


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