Treeslford HP5 @320 in Microdol-X 1+3

I think I have just… managed to hold this one together – it prints great but scan hummm………..

8 thoughts on “Trees.

    1. Thank you Karen,
      Kodak Microdol-X @1+3 was? A lovely developer with slow inversion (I would have used T-Max film but none at the time – that was even better in it) holds the highlights very well. Sorry an analogue thing…..!


    1. Thank you Bente,
      I was pleased the film & developer were kind and held the dynamic range as well as they did. (it does have an ethereal quality) glad you liked it.

  1. Brilliant work David! It’s almost as if the rocks gradually transform to a tree and the bystanders [light bleached] witness the process and wait their turn!

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