Masirah Island fishing Dhows.

What else is one supposed to do while waiting for the Masirah ferry but take photographs – those that have taken it know how erratic the times are: for those that don’t, let us be kind and say  they go when full.

There was a time-table introduced a few years back but no one took any notice of it!

6 thoughts on “Masirah Island fishing Dhows.

    1. Thanks Louis,
      Fortunately I was only about two hours later than I had hoped; that is not bad! I have been stuck on the other side; given up and gone back
      home – Muscat…!
      But to be honest in most cases, although very hit & miss, one makes it in the end.


    1. The Arab is very tolerant of time (unless in a car that is – then some of them are mad!)

      update – Oops: I have just insulated 90% of Oman: like any seafaring nation they are very proud of their identity and prefer the sobriquet ‘Omani’ not Arab.

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