Green Wadi.

Nikon F4 – E6 Kodak Professional Ektachrome  E100VS.

The green water is not algae growth; the water is up to 3 metres deep but crystal clear, so the green is actually weed growing on the bottom.

4 thoughts on “Green Wadi.

  1. Wow, this wadi looks amazing! I thought I knew the best wadis in Oman, but I don’t know this one, where is it?

    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the late reply – just back from holiday. I do not take my computer…….
      Look at this reference on G/earth for the start: 23.145734,57.841513. The walk drops into the wadi just after a goat pen.
      Taken about a week after rains and right up at the far end.


  2. Could the green also come from the white rocks? I have noticed in marine settings that you get this colour when there is a shell hash on the bottom. Lovely photo in any case.

    1. Thanks and no it is definitely from weed, I sometimes take a swim before I return to civilisation 🙂 or should I say the 3 or 4 hour walk out depending on where I go.


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