7 thoughts on “Tree & Rock Study.

  1. I too am enjoying your frames. It even inspired me to try a very narrow one to contain the edges on one of my posts. I like your broader matted look better though, but don’t want to lose so much viewing space to the border. Great textures in this shot!

    1. Thanks Ehpem,
      Yes it does cut down on space, but as I have been doing a lot of work in the dark-room and one thing I have concentrated on is ‘Print Small’ this is but an extension of the exercise.
      I have approached this principle by wondering why a ‘good’ photographic book does not take away the enjoyment of the images produced, even though they are small. If that makes sense?


      1. It makes complete sense, and your photos work small. It is probably a consequence of good composition. I sometimes find myself looking at thumbnails in my photo files and having an image jump out at me because it works so well at that size. The print small approach sounds like an excellent way to raise one’s standards as a photographer

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