My tent (Swag).

Just for interest: when I am on an overnight stop, this is my tent or as it came from Australia, swag. One of the best items of kit that I have ever purchased. Why Australia? because they make the best –  see this link

I have  never found anything like it for quality or practicality anywhere in UK. It keeps out Snakes,Scorpions, mosquitoes, rain/snow and very cool in the desert heat.

Ha.. you say: snow in Oman???? well yes especially on Jebel Shams in December.

Sorry but I have been so pleased with it over the years, I thought it deserved a mention (Thanks D.K) and it makes a change from photographs, film and cameras.

8 thoughts on “My tent (Swag).

  1. PS. I didn’t see the Lagavulin bit before now. THAT might help agains the snakes and the scorpions? It certainly is a good one. Didn’t know it was served in Oman..;)

  2. Well, good for you. 🙂 It looks incredibly small, but it seems to do an excellent job: It keeps out Snakes,Scorpions, mosquitoes, rain/snow. Wow, that’s kind of too much, and me who dream to spend some nights in the Sinai desert……

    1. Now there is a place I would love I am sure……
      I hope I didn’t give the wrong impression, but I do find myself ‘off the beaten track’ so have seen all at some point in time while out & about.
      So; better safe than sorry is my motto.


  3. Can’t beat a swag David. Something special about dragging it off the roof rack at the end of the day, rolling it out in the dirt and laying by the fire looking at the stars, beats any Hilton hotel

      1. Idyllic, especially the glass part.
        Do these tents keep bears out? 😉
        Do you carry it with you, or always plan on being back at the vehicle at night?

        1. My one major weakness – Whisky……….. I could wax lyrical about it.
          I usually get back to my vehicle (work on the water principle – no more than half gone and then I turn around) although I can quite often find water and know how to use a Solar Still. In another life I I was involved with mountain rescue and some of that training has been very useful. Equipped my Landrover with a whole list of stuff, so it becomes my home when I go on long trips.


          P.s ha…. bears: I have not had the privilege of their company ❗

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