14 thoughts on “Huqf again.

  1. There is so much to look at in this ‘barren’ place. Like Karen said, the detail in the sand is great. What made those tracks? They don’t look human, or necessarily even very large though scale is pretty hard to figure out.

    1. Thank you – scale: ha well that would be saying 🙂

      Actually I cheated again; the top of the bush was about palm size and the tracks are made by a beetle (somewhat similar to a Dung Beetle)
      35-70 Tokina AT-x manual F2.8 at the 35mm end and F5.6. I always like this lens it keeps detail even when, as in this case, very shallow focus.


    1. Pleased you like it – I always enjoy being in the Dunes: funny really because I do not like beaches, all that sand! 🙂 but I can get quite creative in the desert.
      Maybe the peace & tranquillity..?


  2. Fantastic composition and a great find. Wonderful contrasts here. Really well done.

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