The Huqf No6 (Further along the ridge).


This one was made about 2 kilometres further along the ridge from the image below.

Nikon D200,  AF-D Nikkor 20mm f/2.8

5 thoughts on “The Huqf No6 (Further along the ridge).

  1. I have been out of touch with WordPress for a while David so this is a catch-up comment. I love your photo of Jabrin Fort with the canons and water jars. Also I am beginning to think that you may need to change your blog title soon to ‘Oman in colour’ (mostly)!!

    1. 🙂 Maybe you are right, in fact I have been thinking of a paid theme and so the opportunity may present its self: a summer project.
      Using a lot of old film from the freezer not to mention the D200.
      Thanks for the comment on the Jabrin image – early and few tourists.


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