‘Infinity Scroll’ Problems……….

Having trouble with the ‘Infinity Scroll’ on this theme only ??!!  at the moment – two different computers exhibit the same problem, haven’t a clue.

Unfortunately, I am unable to make it load a fixed number of pages with a tag at the bottom saying ‘load more’  which I actually prefer but WordPress does not seem to allow that  ……….. uurrrrr.

So if anyone finds loading slow; I apologise, this is the downside of paying for a theme as it means I cannot just change.

6 thoughts on “‘Infinity Scroll’ Problems……….

  1. I’ve had odd things happen on my blog from time to time, and WP technical assistance has always been able to resolve whatever was going on. They are usually prompt about it, too.

    1. Thanks and yes I had that selected until about 3 days ago when I found I could only see 7 posts & no auto load at bottom of page.
      If I go onto sites of others that use ‘Photographer’ theme I see the same, so it would seem its not just me ?
      Set 30 posts as a happy medium until I figure it out.


        1. Thanks, I will see what WordPress think (although I don’t hold out much hope in the short term) strange that I only noticed the change a few days ago.
          Otherwise maybe that is what I will need to construct…….. 😡


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