Al Humriyyah (Ruwi)

Al-Humriyyah-(Ruwi)Early morning heat haze burning off – image made from Yiti Street.

12 thoughts on “Al Humriyyah (Ruwi)

    1. Yes, look on Google and you will see that it is almost an arm of the main town; the hills have forced the planners into a quite picturesque layout.


  1. Great Shot David, like the contrast between the rocks and buildings/ the dark and white

  2. This is amazing, and i agree about the glacier comment – it is very reminiscent of a slowly flowing “solid” like ice.

    1. Thanks,
      Several years since I last used the road; took a bit of finding with all the new houses. Mind you it was an early start for the light (not good – takes me a while before the brain cells begin to fire)


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