24 thoughts on “Prints from my Darkroom.

    1. Many thanks,
      The negatives for these are quite easy to print and scan which for me anyway, is a benefit. I find normal grade 2/3 negs do not always scan well. providing me with a dilemma, do I develop for printing or scanning…….

      PS. thanks for taking the time to visit and comment.

  1. I like these – a lot. I like the simple composition, the use of light, the control of tones – in fact, I think they are superb images.

  2. very lovely they are too. My ‘darkroom’ has been over run by 2 boys playing minecraft on the mac all the time. I am too tired to set it all up by the time they are in bed, whcih gets later as they get older!

    1. Thank you – I am very lucky that I am able to use a dedicated room (running water as well)
      The down side is chemicals, as I always expect interrogation from the customs. Buying here is out of the question now, so it all comes from UK on my trips home.


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