I am back in the land of the living, just!

As you can see, I am back from holiday and for once the weather in UK was mixed, no change there. Left 300c and with a brief stop in Doha, guess what the early evening temperature was, 310c. But I now see that those temperatures are ‘life threatening’ poor old Brits, always something to worry about. 🙂

Our visit to London went well, although after over 20 years of absence there was some ‘culture shock’ …….! We got given  Oyster Cards that are used as pre-payment for travel on the Under Ground (Metro) excellent idea once one knows how to use them. I must get out more often me thinks.  🙄

Saw the ‘Mouse Trap‘ (Agatha Christie)   yes I know it has run for many years but if you don’t visit the great metropolis……. Good fun and well worth the visit. In fact played the tourist throughout with a trip to the Tower of London and the British Museum.

One thing I did buy while home was two Op/tech straps for my F2 & F4 those being the heaviest 35mm cameras I have.

Here is a link (Op/Tech) as they are probably the best straps I have ever owned. Being made of neoprene they make a heavy camera instantly feel lighter and very much more comfortable. Not a bad thing when walking in the mountains or just having a camera on the shoulder for several hours

It’s now time to catch-up with all the posts that I have missed while away.

6 thoughts on “I am back in the land of the living, just!

  1. Good tip on the strap. Just today I was regretting the weight of a camera strap pulling at the side of my neck.

  2. So nice to see you back. Wonderful travelogue. The Mouse Trap is rippin’ good fun – a classic to be sure. Looking forward to more great images.

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