Early morning mist – Jebel village.

Morning-mist-Jebel-VillageBronica S2a with Nikkor – 75mm P f2.8 lens: made on Ilford HP5 +

Cropped and brown toned.

I used a very slight diffusion filter to emphasise the mist and give a slight glow.

9 thoughts on “Early morning mist – Jebel village.

  1. I really like this. The soft light in the trees around the margin is a like some kind of natural (and partial) vignette.
    I sure hope that football pitch is not as stony as the foreground.

    1. Ha, you noticed that…..
      They are fanatical about football here (unfortunately lost on me as it’s the wrong shaped ball!)
      I was pleased the screen image got close to the print.


    1. Thanks I appreciate your comment – I did give some thought about how I should interpret this negative; luckily the screen version is almost identical to the print I made.
      Warm tone Ilford FB gloss.

      PS thanks for visiting.

  2. I love how the city stands out in the landscape like sculptural art. In fact this reminds me a little of the art of Anselm Kiefer’s structures in Barjac.

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