4 thoughts on “Rock pool with rushes.

  1. You have taken so many wonderful pictures of rock pools and vegetation, they would look very good all hung together in an exhibition.

    1. Thanks,
      Funny because both my Daughter and a good friend have suggested the same at various times over the years. But like my Wife says, it is difficult appreciating ones own work, we do it because its fun and if someone else enjoys it, all the better.
      I have seen the amount of effort and time my Wife could put in and I am not sure I have the commitment.
      When I retire 🙂


      1. One should listen to Daughters. And good friends. And Wives. 😉

        Perhaps you should shop a series of prints around galleries in the UK when you are next back, or digitally before you head back. You might well be pleasantly surprised. Or maybe you already have exhibitions and I don’t know about it!

        1. Thanks Ehpem,
          I have a gallery here that will sell some of my work & word of mouth but as for UK, will see when I go back for good.


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