The battle of Mirbat in July 1972.

For those that might be interested, here are some links to what was probably one of the most heroic battles fought in Oman during recent times – nine men of 22 Squadron SAS fight off an enemy force of over 250 communist insurgents, called the “Adoo”, who attacked the town of Mirbat in southern Oman.

The political consequences of this battle has probably helped to make Oman the modern progressive country it is today

The following SAS soldiers were present at Mirbat on 19th July 1972:

Captain Mike Kealy
Sergeant Talaiasi Labalaba (Killed in action)
Sergeant Bob Bennett
Corporal Roger Cole
Corporal Jeff Taylor (Believed to be an alias)
Lance Corporal Pete Warne
Trooper Sekonaia Takavesi
Trooper Tommy Tobin (Died of wounds)
Austin “Fuzz” Hussey

July 1972, Mirbat Southern Oman, the BATT team of 22 SAS showed courage, tenacity and sheer refusal to give in under the weight of overwhelming forces.

Also look at these links for more information:

Unfortunately I see the videos on YouTube have closed as of 2020. Will see if I can re-establish the links.




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