Prints from my darkroom.


Arches--Jabrin-Fort-2Two more prints that I have been asked for – well what else is one supposed to do when it is in the high 30’s outside. I originally posted these some months back as straight scans .

Printed on:


With a slight Sepia tone.

18 thoughts on “Prints from my darkroom.

    1. Thank you very much,
      I am slowly up-dating my print portfolio and taking the opportunity of trying to make a print and digital compilation.
      My scanning skills are getting a little better (I hope πŸ™‚ ) so three versions FB print, digital print and electronic screen view.
      Keeps me out of mischief…..


      1. Sounds like a good project. I have been enjoying the black and white prints from decades ago of Andy Hooker’s that he has been “scanning” – I think he is actually photographing them – so nice to see the old images resurrected into a place where more people can see them. Not exactly what you are doing, but a worthwhile exercise I think.

  1. Fred Picker used to say that the photographer was really two people. One running around having a blast taking pictures, while the other was the mole in the darkroom. He always stressed being kind to the mole in the darkroom by providing them with the best possible negatives to print because, if you are printing for yourself, “the mole is you.”

    I really enjoy seeing your work and knowing that you have been very kind to the mole. (:- D

    1. Thank you,
      Although I am not as kind to mole as I was in the past; unable to get colour chemicals here anymore, so that side gets done in the digital domain……… not as much fun.


  2. Beautiful abstracts David. Love the shapes and shadows in the top image and the blocked shadows in the bottom one make it even more graphical.

  3. Very nice David.
    I like these simple plays with light and shade.

  4. Beautiful and stunning. The shadows and shapes are like glyphs. Very cool.

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