New Portfolio Archive.

I am in the process of up-dating my archive images (long over due ) the first is now done:

Portfolio Archive for 2013 No1.

Far better presentation than the old ones – maybe I know a little bit more about what I am doing than before….. 🙂

I have also been using L/R for jpg export, with a copyright notice; all very easy when! I take the trouble to actually look how it’s done. Unfortunately, computers are not one of my favourite items. Many a time it has almost gone out of the window due sheer frustration.

2 thoughts on “New Portfolio Archive.

  1. I am enjoying your archive portfolios – they are beautifully presented, and the pictures go so well together. Also, I like how you have put the copyright into the frame and not the picture, I would do that too, if I framed my photos. LR is not so great at framing, but is good for labelling. I like also in LR that you can embed copyright and contact info into the image EXIF data too, which while it can be stripped out, is there until that happens.

    1. One of the disadvantages of not having a negative for proof…….
      Beginning to find P/S & L/R compliment each other: Adobe exploits this I am sure.


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