Rock formation – Ibri.







These are from a number of images I have yet to process from a trip I took, looking for Neolithic structures near Ibri.

Most of the well known monuments (for want of a better description) are mentioned on the UNESCO site but, the place is littered with structures. Unfortunately, this being Oman, there is very little information or even road signs to guide the tourist.

I decided that I would take a short-cut through the low hills on the approach to Ibri from Muscat, mistake !

I was lost within about half an hour, lost is probably a bit strong, more a case of  ‘ha now where do I go’  GPS is no good in cases like this (It just confirms you are lost) so rummage in my map store and find an old 1970’s OS for the area. Compass in hand and good old mark one eyeball along with a quick tentative check on the fuel tank……

I did find some fascinating rock formations though and eventually arrived at my planed destination.

4 thoughts on “Rock formation – Ibri.

  1. Great geology. I bet there is rock art in here somewhere too – looks perfect for it. Getting lost can lead to places you want to revisit, if you can find your way back.

    1. Unfortunately the rock is quite soft over most of this area, probably why there is so much building and tomb work. Hardly any rock art has been found other than displaced slabs deliberately carved.
      But yes getting lost has its advantages.


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