New Road from Masirah to Salalah.

New Masirah Salalah Rd

Dunes on new Masirah to Thumrait rdThis is a new-ish road from the Masirah turn off on the Sinaw/Duqm road to the Nizwa/Salalah road. There was always a sand track that the Bedu used (precarious due to movement of sand covering the track) but recently made hard-top.

6 thoughts on “New Road from Masirah to Salalah.

  1. It looks like there must be a constant effort to keep the sand off the road, and without it, there would soon be dunes trailing over the hard surface all over the place.

    1. I think that is exactly what they are going to find, I know a few tracks in this area that almost become indistinguishable from the surrounding sand given a little wind. Although Bedu and camels seem to have no trouble 🙂


  2. Great use of forms!! First image reminds me of the roads you see in hazards section in driving tests 🙂

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