11 thoughts on “Basket with Shadows.

    1. Thank you, unfortunately I am still having a few problems with my new computer – calibration this time….. Need new, as the software just does not like 8.!!!!!! and this sort of image needs me to control the contrast otherwise I just get blank white instead of subtle grey tones.
      All good fun I keep telling myself.


      1. Swearing at the computer helps. Nothing changes what the computer is doing, and just make me more frustrated, but it must help cuz I always do it.

        1. I do like your sense of humour David. I just bought a new program that I was really looking forward to….and found out it won’t work on my 2006 Mac. Sigh…I don’t really want to spend more $$$$.

  1. Love this type of B & W close-up. I find their simplicity of composition very effective.

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