Archaeological structures: Saudi Arabia.

Just been having a stroll around Saudi Arabia   Google Earth …….
Found this: Enlarge the image using the link ‘view larger map’ and zoom into the green arrow.
looks very interesting and seems to have only recently come to the attention of Aerial Archaeologists  due Google Earth enhancing the resolution of the area.
I cannot as yet find much about them, other than they have been known about since the 1920 when Royal Airforce pilots mention unusual archaeological structures: I knew I should have got out more when I was there in the early 80′s.

If the above has got your interest, have a look at this link for:  saudiaramcoworld desktop.archeology for more information that has just been sent for me to peruse.

South America does not have a monopoly on this stuff – fascinating.

7 thoughts on “Archaeological structures: Saudi Arabia.

    1. They are – did you look at the link at the end that was sent me from Saudi; even more interesting. the ‘Kites’ seem to have everyone confused ! some of them are very large and for what purpose?
      Received wisdom says ‘herding animals during a hunt’
      but equally other say, that is a complicated way to do things. Then there are the cartwheel enclosures…….
      I predict that all this will put the “out of Africa in two waves” theory back into the melting pot. Saudi has been largely ignored for a number of reason, political, religious and just “ho its only desert!” But new high res; images and plain old boots on the ground is giving more questions than answers.


        1. Thanks,
          They are getting there – look at Europe in the 14 & 1500’s. Unfortunately media support what sells & that always seems to be negative or bad news. Education is the key.


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