New Samsung computer.

Just a little up-date on my new Samsung computer (great by the way & only let down by Windows 8) which for all intents & purposes has gone ……!

I now no longer need to see that stupid ‘tiles’ page, not to mention ‘charms’, all gone and boots-up straight into a computer that looks like Windows 7 but faster  🙂

Downside is that I never could get the screen calibration software to work satisfactorily; not a big loss as it was 8 years old and Xmas is near enough…. I just hate being wasteful.

How did I do all this: lots of reading on the internet from other dissatisfied users (and there are lots) Vista comes to mind.

3 thoughts on “New Samsung computer.

  1. Thanks a lot, hmm, not sure still I am looking forward, but I hope for a big surprise. Tweak the registry is probably not for me, I make the shop do all the preparations, that is some of them I probably have to do myself..

  2. In a couple of months I will have a new computer, and window8 instead of 7. I don’t now if I am looking forward to this, except for the speed, hopefully…

    1. The big problem with Win 8 was Microsoft trying to get into the Tablet/Phone market but still maintain their dominance of the PC customer base. They seem to forget that there are lots of people who use computers as a work tool and a small handed-held for entertainment. The two do not mix; how they thought that leaning across your desk touching the stupid tiles all day was not a basic problem is beyond me
      Even more fundamental is ‘Cloud storage’ , when Banks can’t provide total security and they have lots of money to throw at the problem, not to mention the NSA 🙂
      Why should we the general public have confidence in it. It’s bad enough using the internet for on-line banking, but at least one can keep all the details on a separate hard-drive and disconnect.
      The good news is that under all the glitz lurks Windows 7 the bad news is you need to tweak the registry.
      When you move over, make sure you get Win 8.1 loaded (a free up-date which needs loading: it does not come via auto up-date as yet) Check for drivers from equipment sites, not letting Win 8 do it….!
      On a humorous note – you may like it and wonder what all the fuss is about.
      Best of luck.


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