New Computer – yet another up-date: Office 2003.

For the want of sending people to sleep………..   😥

I have just about finished making all the changes to my new computer and ……….  as I have a fully paid copy of Windows Office 2003 (note that date) thought I would ignore what received wisdom says 🙂

I loaded it and would you believe that even when I got the odd  ‘computer says no’ which I dutifully ignored; as one does with Windows. Lo & behold it works !

Caveat: Outlook and word have been tested, they being the bits I really wanted and so far no problems (in fact I now have my Pop mail account working and that, says Microsoft was not possible with Win 8) pushing cloud 365 me thinks.

I was able to go to Microsoft site and download ‘Office S.Pack 3’  and load it from the file – no problems.

So by my reckoning any Office from the above date should in most cases work – well for us mere mortals that is (those who need all its abilities may (I say may) have problems) but for me; I am a happy bunny.

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