Back from holiday with a new lens.

Well that’s the holiday over for another 6 months – very cold and wet !!!!! But log fires and good malt whisky helped.

I think UK is getting more than its fair share of rain this year – almost as bad as 1963 if my memory proves me right, at least this time the rain has not turned to snow (yet).

I think the snow of the last few years was better because at least one could keep dry!

Where is global warming (sorry Climate change) when you want it…….. Sorry I must not talk about the cult of Gaia otherwise I could upset a few people.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and looking forward to what 2014 brings in the way of happiness.

My Xmas gift  🙂

product_01Image taken from Nikon UK.

A Nikon 35mm f1.4 AF-s lens for my D800.

A very nice gift from my wife and one that I will look forward to using in the coming months. It will even work on my F4 in Shutter priority or auto mode: says a lot for Nikon backward compatibility, although the lack of aperture ring will take me a while in stopping my fingers going to the lens.

As I have got rather a lot of FLAC audio files on my computer, I thought it time I figured out how I could play them through my audio system.

This is the result of endless research:

The Xmas gift I got for myself.

The Meridian Explorer DAC.

xmas_explorer_gallery_1Image from Meridian Audio site.

The Explorer replaces my computer’s sound card with a USB-powered DAC which gives three optional outputs.

3.5mm combination analogue/digital jack with mini Toslink digital optical output and 2-ch analogue line out.
3.5mm jack with variable-level headphone output.

All sorted and I am more than pleased with it, a nice well thought out item that gives me the option of playing my files through my audio system and using the laptop as a control unit from a 2TB hard drive.

I am using it while I write this and I must admit it drives my Stax mini phones a lot better than the inbuilt audio of my computer. Money well spent and one of those items that lived up to all the good reviews it got.

All I must do now is start going through the blog posts that I have missed in the last few weeks. Ho and guess what, I left rain in UK and met rain here in Muscat. Although it did mean an early departure from work so must not complain.

Back on my travels soon, work getting in the way of photography, but I am sure I will find time in the driving for my camera ……..

19 thoughts on “Back from holiday with a new lens.

  1. I was in Northern Scotland last July and was surprised to find it warm and dry (and a bit too warm for the clothing I had brought).

    The 35mm f1.4 will be a good lens. The thought has occurred to me to sell my 17-35mm f2.8 (the 14-24mm is much better) and get a Nikon or Sigma 35mm f1.4 or a Nikon 35mm f1.8.

    1. Hi Murray,
      I have been following your travels with interest & looking forward now I am back, sitting down with a wee dram and a good read….
      I spent some time there with the UK’s biggest airline industry 🙂 (it was at that time – not so sure now) anyway, the gulf stream had a great influence. Lossie could be surprisingly warm when everyone else was in the grip of snow!
      As for the lens: the Nikon 35mm 1.4 is a very well made lens (as I am sure you know) & from what I can see, will easily outperform the others. Expensive though (pays your money, takes your choice as they say) it was a very much appreciated gift…….
      It comes down to longevity & how often a need for the f1.4 end (nice bright view-finder in my case) also it will put-up with my rucksack! not to mention it works on my F4.


    1. Thanks, I am still in ‘play’ mode at the moment; the first lens I have had that does not have an aperture ring.
      Never used auto/program mode on any of my other cameras so it is not intuitive using the dial.


  2. Welcome back!!
    It’s true the weather has been atrocious in UK. If it’s not rain it’s 30mph wind. Fingers crossed that it gets better soon

    1. Thank you – ho and for the nice comment you made on your blog 🙂 🙂
      Summer will be with you soon…… although I am sure it does seem a long way off with all that rain.


  3. Ahh…yer back! Now I will be looking forward to more of your images and gosh, made by your D800 and that cool 35mm. I have been eyeing that lens. Can’t afford it, but you’ll use it enough for both of us I expect.

    1. Yes,
      Although straight back into work after a long break is rather daunting (early mornings ukkkk)
      Xmas & Birthday all wrapped into one, so will need to do it justice 🙂 for that read “I must use the tripod more often!”


        1. I have been thinking that I should use and mention “with tripod” as this camera/lens combination will need a more considered approach, if I am to get the best from it.
          Use it more like a medium format set-up.


        2. Got it. The D800 is rather unforgiving, but easy and fun to get used to. I am expecting you to produce some neat images with that D800/35mm combo..and tripod of course.

    1. Thanks,
      I was very pleased with it and am looking forward to using the lens on both my F4 and the D800 (just need to get a few weekends in the mountains) working on that 🙂


    1. Thanks Bente,
      I hope so, I am sure it will not be long before I am complaining of 50deg; again. Must make the most of it…..
      Ho and I love the wooden buildings by the way 🙂


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