Not a happy Bunny ….!

Am I being particularly inept because I cannot figure out how this new image editing facility (the one with that stupid fat pencil) works.

Gone is the percentage in-post resizing, it seems to be guess-work with multiple images, for instance one below the other.

So far dragging a corner to resize seems to work until I publish and then the image reverts back to full size.

I hate changes for no obvious reason: what was wrong with the old method (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) or is it like windows 8 and designed for tablet users?



28 thoughts on “Not a happy Bunny ….!

  1. I sussed out the framing tool not so long ago and now its gone! i nearly always import in 800×600 pixles resizing done in Lightroom. I have never bothered with the sizing and cropping tool offered, but occasionally resized using the % if i felt the image needed to fit snuggly on the page. But it is for the user of the tablet format I am sure, but why did we loose the frame/border function?

    1. Ha,
      Last time I looked, nearly 300 asked similar questions and no real answer.
      I have been contemplating moving to the .Org platform but (as we are the mice for what happens to them) maybe better the devil you know.
      I will keep taking the blue pill…. for now.


      1. I did use the .org for setting up a website separate from my blog, alas, it is very tedious, getting the right widgets, and sizing of images and searching for decent free template was an absolute nightmare, for me it was. However, and i thought what was on offer was not a sleek as the .com; I use weebly for my website. its downfall doesn’t have the wordpress community, and getting hits to your site is troublesome. keep taking the blue pill….. πŸ˜‰

    1. Murray – you are a star.
      They certainly didn’t expect the furore when they changed the editing I am sure; hence the lack of response for ages and then only the volunteers.
      I notice that will be getting the same changes in the near future, I wonder their reaction is?


      1. I always put a caption on my images, even just “.” as a quick way of getting a border. Unfortunately, I have just discovered that changing image sizes in text mode only works when you have a caption defined(!). Another astounding bug associated with the downgrade. It may look like it works in in the Visual editor view, but not when you publish.

        So if you don’t use captions, that only leaves resizing through Edit Image/ Scale Image. In that case, you can still use the Excel utility to work out what to scale it to for constant areas.

        1. Hi Murray,
          I have taken the ‘Blue happiness pill’ on this, looking at the forum it seems WP are not really interested in the few hundred who complain. They have thousands using the system as a social network, so will not hold my breath for change.
          Thought of going to the .org site but it seems they will get the changes in due time. We are the mice in this experiment.
          I am looking at using some of your suggestions and doing most of my work in PS6/LR then hope I can get by.


  2. I wondered what the heck happened, and I didn’t even get a notice of change. I, for one, am less than impressed by this “improvement”.

    1. Ha – you and a lot of others it seems.
      Problem is that there is a tendency to think there will always be dissenters over change and so ignore the comments.
      When all goes quiet “see I told you it was good” without realising (or just not caring) that actually most of us will either figure out a way around the problem and then leave for a better place. Or….. just leave.


  3. I admit, changes that don’t bring immediate improvements have a tendency to make me unhappy. But it seems that the powers that be have decided that the state of the art is a telephone. Any of us who continue to use old methods will look like the Neanderthal who carried his baggage on two sticks he dragged behind him even after the wheel was invented. We are doomed to appear ridiculous.

    1. More like Denisova hominins, in that we will eventually all just disappear in a puff of smoke and all will be well with the world of blogging.
      These changes (image editing) seem to have created quite a furore on WP’s forum site. But I am sure the implementers are just riding the storm and expecting clear waters when the PC users just go away.


  4. It’s actually good once you figure it out. Here’s what you do. You upload your image to media as usual, then on the right hand side, make sure you click FULL SIZE. Don’t worry…it won’t be when you’re done. Then you insert the image into your post. You’ll notice it has little square box handles around it now in your post (prior to posting). Just drag the corner to whatever size you want. It’s simple and I kinda like it because you can see how it looks prior to publishing or even previewing for that matter.

    1. Thanks But…..
      When you have several images all on the same post, all a predetermined size when enlarged but want them to look exactly the same when first viewed. It was easy just hitting say, a reduction of 10 or 20% on each one. Now one needs to try and align everything by eye.
      Also it seems that when I tried to re-edit a previous page (just slight change in size of image) it does not work.
      Those little boxes were there before just smaller and yes they worked well for one image. (Hope all that made sense)
      Ho well…. if all the negative comments I see on WP’s forum have an impression on those that implemented this, maybe they will give the old system back as an ‘advanced method’ but I will not hold my breath.
      We will be absorbed into the borg – resistance is futile !


      1. HAHA Resistance is futile…I know the feeling. I guess I hadn’t had the experience in detail like you described. I only had one image to deal with. I have to admit I was annoyed when the percentages where gone and I guess I was just happy to find something that worked! I’ve noticed that most “improvements” are really taking steps back. That is very evident in yahoo mail as well, lol.

        1. πŸ™‚
          You should see the electronics test equipment I now need to use ……… an improvement means more menu options to work through just so I can use the instrument.
          ho well – a nice EMP flash will sort it all out one day.


  5. WordPress is taking bad decision I think. Did they ask people before doing this? I don’t think so. And is there an emergency on doing this? I don’t think either.

    1. I think it is the fact that there is no consultation before release. All they say is “News Flash – stop the press” we have made these wonderful changes aren’t we great.


  6. That’s probably exactly why we work in film and don’t do any editing because our older brains just can’t wrap around those functions. When we click the shutter we either have or don’t have the shot. No fuss, no muss!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Ha, a man after my own heart……
      I seem to recall making a comment about computer problems previously, said I think I will go away and look for a good Nikon F because at least it was clockwork. πŸ™‚


  7. Absolutely. I have already posted a question to WordPress support (with public exposure) but have received no reply as yet.

    I think it’s not a change, it’s withdrawal of functionality. All the functionality of the new [Edit] button was available through [Add Media] before you put the image on the page.

    The only recourse I can see at the moment is to set up a series of presets in Lightroom to export to various sizes depending on aspect ratio and orientation. I’m not in a hurry to do that and in the meanwhile I won’t post.

    If I don’t get a reply soon I will probably make a post calling on people to complain to WordPress.

    1. I agree – especially when one pays for a system because it does exactly what is required.
      If there is a need for reduced complexity fine, but at least make the option for more advanced functionality a choice for those that require it.
      I must admit I do get a bit challenged on these things sometimes, but just went around in circles and finally gave up.


      1. I have a temporary solution, for myself at least. I have the advantage that I usually use standard cropping ratios in Lightroom, plus a few custom panorama ones. This allows me to reuse old mattes when i submit prints to Photographic Society competitions. I then use(d) standard percentages to reduce the size according to the aspect ratio. This meant I could look at an old post, see what the published sizes were for images of various aspect ratios, then modify sizes for the current post using the text editor.

  8. Is this a very recent upgrade to WordPress? Which is what I assume you are referring to re posting images. SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT I get three blog notices from WordPress in email and all are coming in as gibbledygook, no links to source blog. I dug you up from past posts to send this. Of course maybe Windows email is having fits – also quite possible, perhaps probable. Good luck!

    1. Ha – the bigger you are, the more clout you have…….a bigger market dictates how things work and I am sure Tablet use is massive in the US.


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