Wadi Bani Kharus.

Wadi Bani KharusEarly morning visit: Wadi Bani Kharus (04:30 alarm clock goes off and no turning over and saying I’ll do it next week)  😉
I escaped early this morning for a visit to Al Elya village in Wadi Bani Kharus. The first time I have been back since a new black-top road was completed from Al Awabi to the village of Al Alya. (did go recently and look at what had been done to the 200 year old Awabi fort since it has been renovated: it’s now actually a new fort built in the style of the old) ho well; I suppose the Ministry of Heritage & Culture know what they are doing. It’s a nice fort but no character and the old one was rather dilapidated so can’t have the tourists hurting themselves.
I must admit that the road makes the journey a lot easier, although far less fun……..
This Wadi is time travel: 600 million years of it in terms of geology; the deeper you go, the older the rocks get.

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