A video of Rock Art research in Saudi Arabia.

The YouTube video below is rather long but if anyone has an interest in the subject, it is well worth watching. I have also included a link to the site that is mentioned in the video: for those that maybe missed my last mention of it, please look as it is one of the best and most informative sites I have ever seen.

Another point worth mentioning is: why would I include a topic that refers to Saudi Arabian rock art when I am in Oman?

Because they have come to realise its importance and that it is very much part of the regions cultural heritage.  Not to mention that from an educational point of view, they are willing to spend money promoting the subject and most importantly, make it easily available for anyone to see for free. Oman seems to make it an academic subject and so information is not widely published  outside learned journals – one needs to search for it.



here is the link to the site mentioned: http://saudi-archaeology.com/overview/team/

3 thoughts on “A video of Rock Art research in Saudi Arabia.

    1. Thank you Simon,
      The archaeological world; thanks to the effort of a few dedicated people, are looking far more closely at this vast “empty” area. Dr Majeed Khan for example, has spent over 30 years locating, documenting and studying the art of just the Saudi end of the desert. He constantly gets reports of new discoveries.
      Another example is the stone circles whose age is unknown; they are at least 2,000 years old, but could have been built up to 9,000 years ago. These were first reported in the early 1920’s but are only now being investigated and there are lots! and that is just in areas not now covered in sand.

      Arabia has a volcanic nature inside; it lies on a tectonic plate of its own, the Arabian Plate, moving away from Africa, creating the Red Sea, and crushing northward with the Eurasian plate. A region of Western Saudi Arabia is in fact covered with vast fields of lava known as harraat. These areas are dotted by many stone circles and other quite interesting archaeological remains from around the Neolithic period.
      Have a look at this link for images , if you have the time.

      1. Thanks for the information, David.

        As you say it’s thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated people that this archeology is being brought to peoples’ attention. Stone circles have always fascinated me so it’s great to hear they’re being investigated in Saudi Arabia. Will enjoy taking a look at the images you suggest.

        Regards, Simon.

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