I digress again – Tea this time.


I don’t always drink Guinness or Malt Whisky……….. ho and Whisky is the real drink, anything with an ‘e’ in it is a mere reflection 🙂

As it is St George’s Day and William Shakespeare 450th birthday, I thought I would celebrate with a nice afternoon cup of tea – an undeniably English habit.

Teas from China:

Oolong is one of my favourites; I never drink tea from the Indian subcontinent unless a polite refusal is inappropriate, as I find the stuff rather strong and bitter for my taste.
The one thing about high quality Oolong tea is that it can and should be steeped several times from the same leaves; unlike a lot of other teas, it improves with re-brewing.
The best way of doing this is with a measured amount of water, so that the leaves are drained and fresh water used for the next brew. Never let a pot of this stuff stand half full otherwise the tea will become stewed and you might as well have used cheap tea bags! Another point worth mentioning is, use fresh water that has not reached boiling point, otherwise the tea will lose its flavour.
It is best without milk and never sugar (a little honey if required) the light Oolongs have a very subtle sweetness so no real need for more.
There seems to be three main varieties of this tea, going from sweet honey through woody or earthy and then green and fresh tasting.

The other tea I love!! Is Lapsang Souchong:

This tea has a smoky flavour like a bottle of Laphroaig Single Malt whisky; the good stuff gets gently smoked in small batches over wood fires. A subtle and enjoyable drink, but like Laphroaig, not everyone’s taste in fine teas.
It can benefit from milk if so desired and the water is boiled before brewing. Another that can have a number of brews before the leaves are thrown away (the good stuff that is).

All I need now is some scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream (I should be so lucky – here in Oman) one can always dream………


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