From the Scottish play.

Nought’s had, all’s spent,
Where our desire is got without content:
‘Tis safer to be that which we destroy
Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.

2 thoughts on “From the Scottish play.

  1. Cor, nailed it. Living in Quebec I am far far too familiar with referendums, independence and the oft rabid emotions it incites. TG we’re still with Canada. Thx re email, I’ve no idea IF they have any meaning, even it be nostalgic. If they don’t, ah well.

    1. Unfortunately a lot seem to forget or just don’t know about the Darien scheme – otherwise it would not be so acrimonious I am sure: then again old hatreds die hard.
      Either way, it is a mess created by one man’s political ambitions & a Westminster elite who are so self-interested they have lost the plot.


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