5 November 1605.

 From a transcript of the: Examination of Jhon Jhonsone (sic), 5 November 1605.

And confesseth that when the king hadd come to the parliament house this present day, and the upper house hadd bene sitting, he meant to have fored the match and have fledd for his owin safety before the Powder had taken fier, And confesseth that if he had not ben apprehended this last night, he hadd blowen upp the upper house, when the King, Lords, Bishops and others hadd ben there………


The attempted removal of James I of England VI of Scotland and his whole parliament, by blowing them up on the eve of the state opening of the second session of James’s first English Parliament.

2 thoughts on “5 November 1605.

  1. I went to my friends last night and drank beer with other ex-pat Englishmen, while he read a poem and burned a small Guy Fawks doll on the fire.

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